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REST Web Console should be able to reference ext. file/data for controls that use same data

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Waiting for Votes
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In the previous iterations of the DRA Web Console we were able to reference an ASP page with a static list of options for drop downs that are utilized in multiple pages. In the current iteration of the REST web console. the list of options must be manually re-created for every drop down that will utilize the same data set.  We need a way to re-use a control, or to reference an external file to pull a static list for use in multiple pages/tasks.


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  • Update: It looks like the DRA 10 'variables' feature allows us to persist JavaScript variables between different customization points for a single page. (I don't think this solves the problem of sharing data between different pages, though.)

  • I agree. I would also add that shared code would also be a big benefit for complex customizations. Copying-and-pasting shared code (and hoping you don't miss it somewhere) is not efficient and very error-prone.