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Set Send on Behalf of permissions to a Shared Mailbox

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In DRA 10 it's not possible to set Send on Behalf  of permissions to a Shared Mailbox object type. It is possible to set this permission level using PowerShell "Set-Mailbox -Identity **PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED** -GrantSendOnBehalfTo user" and this would be a useful feature considering the UI already caters for this for standard user mailbox's.


Send on Behalf of Shared Mailbox
  • Hey GK_G,

    In order to provide the functionality to our admins, I added a multi-valued text field to the top of the mailbox delegation page. I labeled it Send on behalf of Holders:  and then set the target attribute to 'delegates'. Now technically that attribute requires a distinguishedName value in the attribute, but if they just enter the user's samaccountname DRA will translate it to the DN, and upon applying and performing a page refresh, you should see the updated DN in that pages field. Browsing thru ADUC to that newly permissioned user and looking at the backlink will show that it worked.


    So the relevant/first part of the json file post upgrade information sections looks like this...


    "icon": "inbox",
    "title": "Mailbox Delegation",
    "hideIf": [
    "hideIfNoPowers": [
    "name": "mailboxDelegation",
    "fields": [
    "label": "Send on Behalf of Holders:",
    "dataField": "delegates",
    "contentType": "multiValuedString",
    "executionTime": "now",
    "allowMultiEdit": false,
    "parentFieldName": null

  • In DRA 9 and 10 when using the Web Console, you can manage Exchange Shared Mailboxes:


    When viewing the properties of the Shared Mailbox you only have the option to add a user  and  configure that user on the the Shared Mailbox to "Send As":

    In Exchange, the same option to only "Send As" and not "Send on Behalf Of" exists:

    However, with Powershell you can modify the Exchange Shared Mailbox and add a user to "Send on Behalf Of". It would be good to have this feature available in DRA so that Admins can modify Shared Mailboxes and add users so that they can send emails on behalf of from that shared mailbox.

  • Hello,


    When troubleshooting DRA powsershell, it is recommended to first use the DRA Web GUI  to do the same task. You will also want to change the Web GUI and powershell to use a manually typed server name for both DRA REST Server and DRA HOST Server.


    Should you have further technical issues, please feel free to open a support case via the Customer Support Portal: