Idea ID: 2780038

Block Inheritance Tasks performed in the GP Explorer node should be acknowledged in the Repository

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Status : Accepted
By default GPA knows the state of an OUs Block Inheritance setting based on the original import and/or sync Link Order. However, if someone wants to change that status they have to check out a GPO that is linked to that OU, in order to access the list of OUs and change that option. GPA should allow an easier way to manage OUs settings. One option would be to acknowledge changes made in the GP Explorer node of the GPA console. Then you could set the Block Inheritance ion the OU. If the task is performed inside the GPA Console (regardless of Node) GPA should be aware of that change and make the necessary updates in the Repository and/or give the option to propagate that change to the Repository. Thus updating that setting in the Repository for any currently linked GPOs and setting the value for any subsequent GPOs that are added.