Idea ID: 2785660

Display drop down list for device IP/Hostname selection instead of manual IP or Hostname input in emergency request

Status : Accepted
The emergency request in new GUI (>3.6) allow the requester to manually input the server ip or hostname, that post another issue:
1. Case sensitive - will not match with credential vault if the case does not match, approver cannot see the credential vault available for selection during the approval process
2. If user input ip instead, while credential vault defined with hostname, likewise, nothing will be shown in approval process to be selected.



  • Any update about this issue?

    I see that in version 4.1 it has not changed.

    When you ask for a new request, you've to manually insert the name of the resource or the IP address. A dropdown list showing existing resources would be nice and avoid mistakes or forcing the user to know the name or IP of the server to access.

  • As you've noticed (I hope), we are constantly re-working our UI to make it more usable. Good idea for this one. Thanks.