Privileged Account Manager 3.7 has been released


Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the general availability of Privileged Account Manager 3.7.  This release includes several exciting features and delighters for our customers.

• Dashboard for Administrators
• Radius Client Method Support in Advanced Authentication
• Multi-Factor Authentication using RADIUS server
• IBM DB2 Database Monitoring
• Credential Checkout for Microsoft Azure
• Credential Checkout for Windows, Linux, and AIX Local Accounts
• SSH Relay Enhancements
• Framework Administrator Roles for LDAP Users
• Quick Reference Videos
• Improved Report Export Capability

This release also includes several important fixes for customer issues including the fix for potentially unsafe CBC encryption (CVE-2019-0169), see the Release Notes for more information. There are also updates to supported platforms, see System Requirements for the complete list.

Join us for Privileged Account Manager 3.7 Webinar on December 12, 2019. If you don’t have an invitation, please reach out to me.

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Many Thanks,
Saradha Sankarnarayanan
Sr. Project Manager – Privilege Management &
Delegated Administration


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