Configuring Novell Privileged User Manager Admin Console

This is small note on how to configure the Novell Privileged User Manager Admin Console on a different port. [ default is 443 ]

Once the manager is installed, the manager console runs on default port 443 and
can be accessed with https://<DNS?IP>. However sometimes we may want to run the admin console on a different port or another service might already be running on this particular port.

Example: On an OES node, the OES welcome page is running on port 443 by default and once PUM is installed, its admin console needs to be configured to run on a different port.

The port can be configured by changing the value in the file connector.xml file located at
install_path>/service/local/admin/connector.xml. This is true for both Windows and *ix platforms.

On SLE platforms the file is located in /etc/opt/novell/npum/service/local/admin/connector.xml

Please ensure to restart the service once the port has been changed.


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