General Availability Release: Privileged Account Manager 4.2


Features and Benefits:

NetIQ Privileged Account Manager provides insights into your entire identity lifecycle management of privileged users and accounts using risk scoring, monitoring, activity recording, and controls that enable you to improve your organization’s security posture. The latest version includes the following new features. 

Credential Check-Out Enhancements
There are several enhancements introduced to improve the Credential Check-Out:

  • Privilege Type for Credentials in Credential Vault Resources
  • Allow User to select Credentials during Check-out
  • Allow User to Change the password of a Credential During Check-in

OAuth 2.0 Support
Privileged Account Manager now supports OAuth 2.0 during authentication to Web User Interfaces. This helps administrators to strengthen the security around Privileged Account Manager and the Resources managed by Privileged Account Manager.

Using this integration, Privileged Account Manager delegates authorization to the configured authorization server when a user tries to access any privileged credential or a managed resource.

In this release, OAuth 2.0 is certified with Risk Service provided in NetIQ Advance Authentication.

User Interface Enhancements
This release includes several user experience improvements in the Password Management and My Access pages

Schema Extension Support for Credential Vault Resources with Extended Attributes
Privileged Account Manager now supports extending the schema of Resources in Credential Vault using Extended Attributes.

Resources can be categorized based on the attributes of administrators’ choice such as location, city, department, team, etc., along with the type supported in the previous versions of Privileged Account Manager.

The schema extension using extended attributes feature supports the following:
• Extend the schema by defining the essential attributes for categorization of Resources.
• Bulk Add, Modify, and Delete operations support for extended attribute values on Resources.
• Search or Filter based on the defined attributes and their values.

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