Access to reporting module

We have PAM configured and would like to give some uses restricted access to view the Reporting logs. I created a "Reporting" user group with access to the following modules/roles:
audit command
audit console
audit login
audit read

The restricted user can log in and sees only the Reporting module. When they click on the Reporting module, the default report looks normal. Clicking on one of the entries to view the video recording, then the "Output" button and then the "Playback" button brings up a web browser prompt for the username/password. Note that while this prompt is displayed, the video recording is playing in the background!

If I add the following module/role to the above, the web browser prompt for username/password does not appear:
audit admin

Are things working as intended?
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  • I am not able to duplicate this in PAM or PAM 3.5 and haven't heard of an issue similar. What I expect is going on has something to do with browser cache perhaps. No videos are fetched until the credential is verified. Once verified, they aren't prompted every time they access video playback for a report. So once their session has verified the credential to access video playback, they aren't prompted again, unless expiration occurs.

    So perhaps this test you are doing with the audit roles doesn't appear quite right because the audit user is logged in. Try logging out, Ctrl F5 refresh, and re-login and then perhaps even an incognito window or another browser just to verify.