Unable to view Credential Vault after 3.6 upgrade

We upgraded PAM on the server running the Framework Manager from 3.2.0-6 to 3.5 and then 3.6. We followed the documentation and upgraded through the console. Looking at the installed packages from the Hosts console, all packages are at, including prvcrdvlt. However, when logging in to the Framework Manager Console and then selecting "Enterprise Credential Vault", I am redirected to "https://<pam server>/pam/#/vault/overview". I am presented with a login screen after which I am redirected to "https://<pam server>/pam/#/access/requestList". Nowhere in the new console do I see a link to the new Credential Vault.

Am I doing something wrong? According to the upgrade documentation:
Ensure that the Credential Vault package (prvcrdvlt) is selected. If you do not update Credential Vault package (prvcrdvlt), you will not be able to manage privileged credentials.

However, I do have prvcrdvlt at