Replace pcksh with a modern shell, like bash?

Any plans to make changes to bash like you did for pdksh, creating pcksh? Easier to work in bash with it's command-line editing (i.e. up-down arrow keys working) than pcksh.


  • I think what you are asking is if you can have monitoring (like cpcksh)
    but with a non-NPUM shell (e.g. Bash). Have you seen TID# 7017938 which
    describes a way to do this today?

    Shipping a new version of bash would be very risky for any vendor to do,
    so it seems like the approach above, if it meets your use case, is a
    better solution.

    Good luck.

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  • A common approach is to implement Command Rewriting from pcksh to the preferred shell, i.e. bash. More details can be found in TID 7017938 - How to configure Direct-SSH on Linux using a preferred shell. This approach sets users default shell to pcksh for monitoring, auditing, full-session control, but Command Rewrite can be configured within PAM so that the actual execution in the user's session is within bash. So it appears to the user that they are within a bash shell, yet the benefits of PAM are still persisted.

    Alternatively, there are likely ways we can explore in enhancing the pcksh shell so these features are also available there. For example, TID 7002630 - How to auto complete in a pcksh shell. Other sorts of modifications can be migrated over and configured in the /etc/profile.pcksh file. We may need to provide enhancements to enable these sorts of features by default, but they would likely come as default configurations within this file.
  • Uncommenting the following line in the /etc/profile.pcksh brings the up/down previous/next command and perhaps some other features:
    set -o emacs
  • Hello,

    Also had the problem of autocomplete and move between the command history, and is correct is resolved as follows as discussed:
    * Adding in a shell pcksh "set -o emacs" and "bind ^ I = complete" when logging in.
    * Adding to the /etc/profile.pcksh "set -o emacs" and "bind ^ I = complete" this on the server that contains the agent.

    Currently the problem is that I have 1000 linux servers with NPAM, so the modification would have to do in each of the servers I can make some modification on the side of the manager or the rules to make it transparent to the end user.

    And another doubt, there is some risk of adding "set -o emacs" and "bind ^ I = complete"