Direct SSH via SSH client i.e Putty is not working

Hi All,

I have configured rule for direct SSH but when trying to access server via SSH as a root then my SSH client i.e. putty disappeasrs immediately.

Not a single log is generated in PAM.

link/screenshots of my configurations are below, please check and correct me if my configuration is wrong or is there any configuration approach has been changed in this new version of PAM then please guide as well.



Shell of my root user:

Note: These above configurations were perfectly working in previous versions of PAM

  • Is there a PAM Agent on the Linux server?
    Has it been registered to the Manager server?
    Is it registered as 'sles2' or by an ip address?
    Does it appear as "online" in the Hosts Console?

    "No log is generated in PAM." Is this Manager log or Agent log? Please check both.

    In PuTTY Configuration, try configuring so that it doesn't Close window on exit so that perhaps some error can be seen. Otherwise, if possible, login to server as another user, then su over to root to see any potential issue. Checking Agent's unifid.log and perhaps even the server's /var/log/messages or syslog may also give some insight.

    Also try configuring the "run host" in the cmdctrl rule to the ip address instead of 'sles2' - this may be needed if agent was registered to manager with ip. Perhaps an issue in dns resolution of sles 2 on agent and/or manager even.
  • Hi Tdharris,

    It was name resolution problem, my DNS server was not working properly.
    Thanks for help, issue resolved.
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