DBaudit package could not found for windows agent

Hi ,
We have installed PAM 3.2 in Linux (RHEL7.3) Environment. Distribute and update all packages. We want to establish
DBMonitoring feature of PAM for MS-SQL database.We are using client SQL Management Studio.
From hosts option of Framework manager Console we have configured database conector.
We have create the rules for database monitoring with creating user group and command.
In Enterprise Credential Vault we Tried to add account domain for Database.
Put the ODBC initialization Path and ODBC data source name , could not fetch DSNs
Also DBAudit package could not showing for Windows agent Where in Linux PAM DBAudit package distributed successfully.

Our Purpose is that client(SQL Management Studio) connect MSSQL database through PAM and PAM will monitor activities.
Can anyone tell please step by step how to achieve this?

Thank you