How and in what way can I configure the unifi.xml file?

Hello everyone

Is there a special manual to configure this file?

If not, can someone tell me what the next maracased line means in bold?

<Unifi db_sync="1" service_name="npum">
<Worker min="5" smax="20" hmax="60" ttl="60" stacksize="1048576" guardsize="0"/>
<!-- <ClientLog level="trace" file="logs/client.log" max_size="10"/> -->
<Handler base="service/local">
<Engine type="dso" lib="spf_dso"/>
<Engine type="perl" lib="spf_perl"/>
<SSL b.changed="1" i.reneg_dos_protection="0"/>
<Log rollover="" max_size="10" level="info" file="logs/unifid.log">

For your attention and support, thank you.