PAM Ideas - Anyone monitoring ?

Didnt find appropriate place to record this, hence using this forum.

Instead of "Completed", following ideas are yet at  "Planned" state:



  • I think each group uses Ideas differently.  When it comes times for planning the next product release they seem to spend the time to go through and collect ideas, add to the pile, prioritize and do them in the order they decide.

    If you are lucky they inform you that it is planned.  You can see in your two examples they failed to do a second pass to close the loop.  So you are correct they are being inconsistent in using Ideas.

    Ted (PM who responded on one) is usually pretty good.  But I am guessing that outside of developing the plan for it is low priority in the grand scheme of things.

    I agree it would be nice if they were more responsive, but alas, that ain't the world we live in.