Agent Registration PAM

after installing PAM agent im getting this error:
, Error, Peer verification error for fm1( accessing regclnt.getSessionCache
what could be the reason?

thank you,
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  • Ah ok, well then this makes sense and there shouldn't be any need to worry on this message. Since this agent has not been registered to a Framework Manager yet, this error appears due to the self-signed, non-trusted certificate in use upon install. However, once the agent is registered, it receives a new certificate from the Manager which acts as the CA in this case. At that point, this message should not appear as the verification is fine.

    This error can also happen if registration of an Agent is done with a different manager at some later time as well, as the previous manager may still have the agent entry and attempt to contact the agent, the agent won't be able to verify the certificate as it's registered to a new manager and this error would appear in this case as well.

    I just wrote this up as the following TID as well: TID 7023301 - Peer verification error.

    Thanks for reporting this :)