Re: Cannot get rdprelay to work

But how did you managed to create Account Doomain for a standalone

deni;2088550 Wrote:
> ]Looks like your rule is missing a few things.
> Here is my rule to connect to my Windows Machine 'sd108' that is part
> of my AD domain
> Here is my rule to connect to my Windows Machine 'sd198' that is a
> Standalone W3K box (non-AD)

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  • Vsenko,

    Not sure I quite understand what you're asking but, with RPD relay you
    can set up a single windows box (for testing) with NPUM installed
    (including Rpd relay) and then access that single windows box via RPD
    relay via some IE8 or greater client (XP or Win7)

    Account Domains (NPUM term) can be created for a Standalone (NON-AD)
    Administrator account or a AD account.

    Creating Privileged Accounts Domains for Local Windows (NON-AD) hosts
    1. Home | Command Control | Privileged Accounts | from the task menu on
    the left, select ' Add Account Domain'
    2. Creating Account Domain
    ◦ Insert Name: actual hostname
    ◦ Change 'Type' to 'LDAP'
    ◦ Select 'Profile' of 'Windows Active Directory'
    ◦ Leave 'LDAP URL' blank
    ◦ Insert desired 'Account' – ex: Administrator
    ◦ Insert Account Password
    ◦ Finish

    Hope this helps. Might be a good idea to start a new thread too.

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