PUM queries


I have the following queries regarding PUM:

1) I have a privileged user, who can run only specific commands, say a
list of only 10 commands (He cannot run any other command, other than
mentioned commands in the list). How to configure such policy?

2) One of my user logs into the system. And runs a file (with .sh
extension). The file contains a list of commands.Is their a way this can
be controlled. I mean, if their is a command in the file, which user is
not allowed to run, then also will he be able to execute the .sh file.
Also, for this scenario, can we record the keystroke and audit it:

3)Now suppose i have a GUI based linux machine. In that case whatever my
user performs on that machine, can it be controlled. Suppose user just
moves to the filesystem and deletes a file , can such activities be
controlled, and also entrire session can be logged?

4) Can we integrate PUM with IDM and AM for a full-fleged solution. If
so, can you please provide me some documents regarding the same, so that
i can evaluate the solution.

Thanks and Regards,

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