How to audit shell built-in commands? set -o audit 2?

Hi all,

I want to see shell built-in commands (pwd, cd, kill) in the Command
Control report. I found in documentation that "set -o audit 2" means "2:
Enables auditing of all commands including commands that are built into
the user's shell. This level of auditing can affect login times.".

Ok, I've added set -o audit 2 to /etc/profile.pcksh and changed a user
shell to /usr/bin/pcksh, then I made a simple test: cd /home/test; ls;
pwd; ls. In result in the report I see only two ls commands, without cd
or pwd. Unfortunately the same for kill command.

I read some threads, like
( and understand that it is not possible to
control those commands (really?), but I am sure that PUM should audit
those commands.

If you know a solution, please advise.

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