about ID Command to query external Group

Hi All
I read NPUM amdin guide section 5.16.4 , it show try to perform
"usrun id" to get external group inofrmation.
I had set a [Command] to perform /usr/bin/id or id and create a rule to
control id like below
Begin Rule: grouplookup
If ((command IN id) AND (user IN Everyone AND user IN testing user
Set Authorize: yes
Set Session Capture: yes
End If
End Rule: grouplookup

but I perform "usrun id" or"usrun /usr/bin/id" it only show linux logon
user information.....like below
"uid=1002(wencheng) gid=100(users)

How could I modify it to get result like section 5.16.4 ??:confused:



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  • Did you add the '$<ExtGroups>$' section into the 'User Message' field in
    the PUM user interface? The 'id' command is not the part doing what
    you're seeing, but that's extra magic from PUM I believe.

    Good luck.

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