c/pcksh equialent for RDP?


For a lot of servers we want to allow sessions both via relay and
directly, but still have the monitoring of the session available.
To achieve this, we use c/pcksh on Linux servers. Is there an equivalent
to this for RDP?

To clarify, what I want to achieve:
- Login to RDP Relay -> connect to target host -> Have a rule applied
that records the session
- Connect to target host via RDP -> Have a rule applied that records the

For the first case I have the following Pseudocode:

Begin Rule: vmtestwin7
If ((commain IN RDP Session))
Set Authorize: yes
Set Session Capture: yes
Set runUser = "vmtestwin7\testUser"
Stop if authorized
End If
End Rule: vmtestwin7

I would now like to have this for direct connections, too.

Is this possible?

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