PAM - Is Agent installation compulsory?

Is the installation of agent on host compulsory?

If I only want to do RDP and session recording. Can I achieve it via RDP
relay without installing agent?

However, the documentation in the add host section only allow me to
specify an agent name.
How do I configure a RDP relay to a specific host without installing

Under what circumstances do installation of agent is necessary?

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  • As I understand it, the RDP-Relay feature for Windows doesn't act as a proxy like it does in SSH-Relay for UNIX/Linux. Once a session is started, the OS interaction is direct like it would be with a Remote Desktop Connection.. I'm not sure why the process differs between Windows and Linux, but there are likely either protocol requirements or native windows calls which need to be monitored differently.. For this reason, an agent is required to be installed and registered to the Manager in order for sessions to be captured. I'm not sure if it's possible any other way.