NPUM json api

Has anyone tried to use NPUM json api? I have been trying to get it to
work but I keep getting error "JSON module not found" in unifid.log. I
followed the instructions provided in the documentation but no luck so
far. Does anyone have a working example?


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  • Hi,
    Here is a Sample:
    PRUEBA 1.

    "method" : "callModule", "params" : {
    "pkt" : {
    "module" : "cmdctrl",
    "method" : "modEntries",
    "UserGroup":[{} ]
    "uid":"eJzj8ExJzSvJLKlkyOd0LC3JCMnPTs1jKGbJS8xNZU1Myc3My TIzEtMLsksS 3j8GQrKS5JzC1oPbhylmwxd1Fqbn5JanxGfnEJr6GBnqGFhZ6RkamehUkxZ0FqahFYgj2zJKMgMdcwkSUoPycVaHIRkGLUYkDhQ2xiALohODM9L7GktCiVoYq5ODO9kaFrdeWeOc5f1LY\/jZ1s25NmknfbM9qqNP5drWJVdM1dn7Ozuqfof5qwTcPmUlBR9N637Ac7dNTedh6zWr\/qxgt93qKlHds9E7JuVune13p4X6s xuB00YaQZSLXVKrF0jeVzbb1dBWQN7ap9zNzjBUqrP7gIO\/fprb\/aEq514tPTCcj3xgfrmLKTBGRu1s3vdBzw7YnKy2q3z2LsgtRWAB0LQB bn3u"

    This sample modifify a userlist, you have to be care with the "key", each user group has its own key, yo can retrive the uid and key with getentries method.
    Angel Soto