Unable to login with user having shell /usr/bin/cpcksh

I have installed PUM 2.3.1
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  • Rajash,

    While you can change the users login shell to cpcksh (our
    non-privileged shell) you'd have to create a rule within the Command
    Control console to authorize this shell. A very simple rule would look
    like the following:

    For example:

    Begin Rule: cpcksh
    If ((command IN Cpcksh))
    Set Authorize: yes
    Set Session Capture: yes
    Stop if authorized
    End If
    End Rule: cpcksh

    This would give the user a audited shell, but does NOT grant any
    additional privileges. If login as 'brett' - I still have 'brett's
    rights, no more.

    If you are trying to grant someone a root shell, you'll want to look at
    pcksh. I wouldn't recommend to change the users login shell to pcksh,
    but to use 'usrun' to invoke the shell when needed.

    The way NPUM works is that you invoke commands using 'usrun' which then
    sends the command, username, hostname and other environmental
    information to the Command Control Manager (and Command Control rules
    you've configured). We start at the top of the rules and run through
    all of them until we either match or are told to stop.

    If you are wanting a non-privileged user to 'become root' then you'd
    create a rule that allowed the user to do so.

    For example, here's a sample rule.

    Begin Rule: pcksh as root
    If ((command IN pcksh) AND (user IN Priviledged))
    Set Authorize: yes
    Set Session Capture: yes
    Set runUser = "root"
    Stop if authorized
    End If
    End Rule: pcksh as root

    From the agent, you'd then run 'usrun pcksh' or 'usrun -u root pcksh'
    As long as the submit user (the user you are currently logged in as) is
    in the "Privileged" Group, we should match this rule and start a
    Privileged pcksh shell that is audited.

    Hope this helps.


    rajeshemailto;12641 Wrote:
    > I have installed PUM 2.3.1

  • Thanks Deni!!

    Its lil late but got resolved this via setting-up proper dirs