API for prvcrdvlt?

Hello again.

I've been going through the JSON API, but could not find a way to
manipulate the Privileged Accounts. How can I do that?
What I want to achieve:
- Users log in to the RDP Relay
- Users get a list of Hosts they can log in to, for example:
- User selects the host and is automatically logged in as user001 on
host pum-clnt-windows
- Once the user is logged in to the pum-clnt-windows he/she can use PUM
Run to run commands as super-user.

That's fairly straightforward, but password policy kicks in and has the
password changed. How do I get the new password into the Privileged
There's already a functioning mechanism to update the password of
framework users, but those are independent of Privileged Accounts,

Kind regards,

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