Unable to add hosts through command line options in npum2.3

Unable to add the hosts under particular domain through command line options in Novell Privileged User Manager 2.3.0
Have tried the command mentioned in the document.

./unifi regclnt register <manager> 29120 <hostname> <agent name> </
Host or Domain/Host> <admin> <password>

</Host or Domain/Host> --> need more explanation on this.

Able to add the host under the Hosts domain but unable to add the hosts under a sub-domain.
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  • Use the following command to register the agent with the Framework Manager. This command must be issued from the machine where the agent is installed.

    /opt/novell/npum/sbin/unifi regclnt register

    Four items of information are required and will be prompted for:
    1) The registration server hostname: The hostname or IP address of the Framework Manager.
    2) The registration server port: Accept the default unless another application is using this port. After the host is registered, this port cannot be modified.
    3) The name or IP address of this host: The DNS name or IP address by which any other agent in the Framework can resolve the location of this machine on your network.
    4) The name of this agent: The name of the agent, typically recommended to be the DNS Address in most cases. I'm not certain if in 2.3 whether or not the host is created automatically in the Hosts Console or if you are required to create a slot for it first. I would try without just to test and see, if not, create a host entry in the Hosts Console for this new agent and then register this agent to that agent name created there. I don't think this is required though, it should automatically create an agent/host entry as part of registration.