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Change RDP Relay session settings

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over 1 year ago


When starting a RDP Relay session via de new web-interface, the default configuration of the RDP config files has enabled to connect the local disks to the remote session. Also other options are configured in a way that might not be the customer preference. Currently it seems only possible to change the screen size in the RDP configuration of PAM and impossible to for example, not connect local disks and or printers.

It would be useful to also enable the configuration of all other options in the RDP configuration of PAM or to at least change the used RDP template on the file system somewhere.

  • Hello,

    it would also be nice if you can make settings as an admin company wide and also as a user for only your sessions.

    If that is done, it would also be great to  have an "lock option for user" option for each setting for the admin. This is, so you can enforce i.e. no drive or printer mapping for all users, but the user will be able to change other settings.


    regards Thorsten