Idea ID: 2790964

Dashboard for active sessions

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago
PAM should have a Dashboard that shows the active sessions.



  • Because we are addressing the Admin console in the 1H CY'18 release of PAM and that includes reporting, we will add this IDEA to the requirements. So I am marking it as planned. PLEASE NOTE: I may have to cut this, and reserve the right to do so, because of timing - but we are going to give it a shot.
  • I agree with what you say Mike that this would tie in to the "real time monitoring" feature we are missing. In my mind, it's the same experience users have when using AppManager Control Center. A user monitors the state of machines in the Service Map Views and when one shows an X, he can click on it and drill down. NAM kind of offers this already since it's basically just a Sentinel, but a dashboard like Kibana can easily list the machines that are accumulating "risk" to then drill down on them with a link that goes to the active session associated to it.
  • Active Session Report is cool, Active Session Dashboard is different. Active Session Dashboard is something that displays at least who is connected where and preferably/optionally provide the ability to see(monitor) the live session.
  • Ok - so this is more of an Admin state or manager state that shows "all active sessions on the board" If we had the capability for "over the shoulder" monitoring then this would be from where it would initiated in your minds eye