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Improve GUI - general

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago
Please improve your GUI, it's really terrible as it is...
- add users - manually typing them, REALLY ?
- configuring shared keys - finding out what needs to be defined is ridiculous
- remove ANY JAVA dependencies, customers hate it
- make AD RDP integration easier, documentation is telling us something abot using uppercase usernames, DC only for name, ...

Great potential in the product though




  • Just an update on this - PAM 4.0 will be available in December.  You will see a major overhaul of the user interface including many of the items you had mentioned.

  • I wanted to give everyone an update on this item. The team has made great strides in overhauling the PAM user interface in the 3.6 release. We will be releasing 3.7 very soon and will have more improvements. Thank you for your input and patience.
  • I'm happy to say that we have released PAM 3.5 with the first phase of UI improvements. We did not get as far as we had wanted with the admin console, but the "MyAccess" page and parts of the admin console were addressed. Because we have not fully completed the transition yet, I won't mark this as delivered, but it is well on its way.
  • Thank you for the Idea, and the feedback hear. I am happy to say that we will in fact be addressing the UI in the PAM 3.5 release. In April, we will schedule a pre-release preview webinar for those who have voted for this Idea. I do not have an date yet, but will post to here as soon as we get a date nailed down.
  • Enterprise Credential Vault - make it clearer/easier to correctly define Windows/eDirectory/SSH Account Domains. For adding credentials for Domains use "browse the directory" funcionality, which if working proves the Domain is correctly defined. Framework User Manager - better use already defined Account Domains for creating users. Again not by manually typing them, but selecting them from the Domain directory, or clicking "Local User/Group" for defining it locally. You already have products (Vibe, Identity Governance) that do that well. General - do not rely any functionality on client side Java, customers hate it. (in ZEN appliance you have SSH client in the browser)