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Network Location of PlateSpin Migrate

Hi, are there any best practice guidelines with regards to the recommend location on the network to install a version of PlateSpin Migrate? Should the PlateSpin server and any associated SQL server instances be located nearer the source or the target or doesn't it matter? Note our intention is to use PlateSpin for P2V migrations of Linux and Windows servers into VMware

Thanks, Steve

  • Suggested Answer

    From the experience I would suggest the following:

    - try to avoid routing, especially between source <-> target, but also between source/target and PS server, if possible.

    - ideally all parties - source, target, and PS server - should be on the same (dedicated) network

    - try to avoid installing PlateSpin server on the Windows box, which is part of any AD domain. This might be pain/nightmare, especially if there is some kind of tight AD  security in place. Best option is to have PS installed on stand-alone server, and using default local Administrator.

    - if you plan to use SQL EXPRESS edition (which comes with the product) keep in mind that it is limited version, which means one (virtual) processor, 1GB of memory, and approx 10GB of disk space. See more details on MS web site.

  • Thanks for your reply. We have no choice but to install on a server that is part of an AD domain (company policy). However when we installed PSM 2020.5 we had no access to the domain admin account (as specified in the install instructions) so we installed as local admin as a workgroup. Time will tell if this will cause us issues but we hope not