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0x80005000 Error when installing PlateSpin Migrate 2020.5

When installing PSM 2020.5 we have hit this error. From the logs we can see the following


In this log there are repeated error showing error code (0x80005000) which appears to be directory service related


Not much to go on in this log but the very last line before the failure shows “Property(C): VALIDATED_ADMIN_CREDS = 1” which makes me wonder if this is domain admin related? Just a guess though as it is not very clear

This log also shows this error “Error running a custom action.” which sort of links back to the Migrate_Custom_Actions.log log I refer to above which contains the 0x80005000 error?

Our current issue is that we have had to install PSM 2020.5 as a WorkGroup until we gain access to a Domain Admin account which is going through an approval process. Could it be that by not installing with an account with Domain Admin privileges this is causing us the installation issues?