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Step 7 configure target machine error

We are on PS Migrate 2020.5 and during migration an error has been encountered on Step 7 Configure Target Machine (Recoverable Error - 0% complete). Thanks


  • Suggested Answer

    There are multiple different explanations for this type of the problem. You might try to reach the console on your new target (if applicable), and check what might be wrong while the process is still running. Here are some of possible explanations:

    - the new target does not boot correctly, for various reasons (misconfigured local disk,..)

    - wrong or misconfigured network interface on the new target

    - right after the target restart some of migrated processes (typically antivirus) prevents our controller from doing its job

    - problem in the networking infrastructure, causing that the PlateSpin server cannot communicate with the new target

    - some migration parameter is not optimally configured, and might need to be changed (for example skipping VMWare installation, etc.)

    Try to reach the live target, and check what might be wrong, and why it is not processing. If this is not possible, then abort the whole process, generate diagnostics, and check in the diagnostics, if there is any explanation.

    Good luck!