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Generation does not complete when generating diagnostics with the "Generate" button for a workload on the web UI.


If you cannot complete the generation of diagnostics with the "Generate" button for workloads on the Web UI, perform the following operations to force the generation to complete.

1. Login to the PlateSpin Management Server with administrator privileges
2. Start a command prompt  as administrator
3. Confirm the Hostname of the PlateSpin Management Server
4. Execute the following command after confirming the items.

osql -S [PlateSpin Server Name]\PLATESPINDB -E -Q "UPDATE [protection].[dbo].[DiagnosticsTracking] SET [DiagnosticsStatus] = 1 WHERE [DiagnosticsStatus] = 0"

- Replace [PlateSpin server name] with the hostname of the PlateSpin Management Server confirmed in step 3. Run this process when no other workload is generating diagnostics.

Additional Information

Diagnosis created by forced completion may have some missing information, so generate the diagnosis again after recovery.

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