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PlateSpin Migrate 2020.5
PlateSpin Migrate 2020.8


In certain cases involving the source workload, there could arise a potential issue stemming from numerous prior PlateSpin bitmaps and a potential malfunction of the psmon driver on the source server. Several potential approaches could be considered to address this situation. These include manual removal of the driver, clearing the disk of any potentially invalid bitmaps, re-discovering the source server, reattempting the migration, and subsequently restarting the source server.


1. Remove the source server workload from your PlateSpin client.

2. Open https://<PlateSpin_server>/platespinconfiguration page - turn the configuration parameter "SourceListensForConnection" to FALSE then save.

3. Open remote desktop on the source server.

4. On the source server, open PlateSpin web client, and download the Migrate Agent utility for Windows on the PlateSpin server (from Downloads menu) and unzip it to any temporary directory.

5. Open command prompt window with Administrator privileges and change to that temporary directory.

6. Using MigrateAgent utility, uninstall the controller, the driver, and related files, using following commands:

C:\>MigrateAgent.cli.exe /dun         
C:\>MigrateAgent.cli.exe /cleanup

Watch closely the output for possible errors or warnings.
7. Check that there is no more service OfxController.exe (PlateSpin Operations Framework Controller) installed and running on the source server.

8. Check that there are no more kernel drivers PsMon, and PsMonCntrl installed. 

 Use following command to verify:

C:\> driverquery /v /fo:list | findstr "psmon"

9. Check for any PlateSpin bitmap file in any subdir on your C: volume
   - on command prompt change to the volume root of C:\
   - enter the command: dir platespin.* /A:H /S  (this will show you all bitmaps)
   - enter the command: del /A:H /S PlateSpin.bitmap.bbvt.*  (this will remove all bitmaps)
   - enter the command: dir platespin.* /A:H /S   (checking again that there are no more PlateSpin bitmaps)

Watch closely the output for possible warnings or errors.

10. Restart the source server

11. Go back to the PlateSpin server, and open web or thick client.

12. Discover the source server and prepare for migration.

13. Configure the migration, and let it run.

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