Creating & Managing File Filter Groups in NetIQ Change Guardian for Windows


Starting today, we are launching a video series that will show you how to use NetIQ product more effectively and answer many of the common 'how do you do that?' questions we receive. We will be adding short videos regularly that will expand on what you already know or have picked up from this series.

We’ll start out by showing NetIQ Change Guardian for Windows users how to create filters to monitor a critical windows file folder for activity.

Download Create File Filters

Change Guardian for Windows lets you monitor for and be alerted to unauthorized access to critical information stored in files or folders on a Microsoft Windows machine. This video demonstrates how to configure Change Guardian for Windows to monitor a folder as well as set the windows of time that accessing these files would be normal or abnormal.

I hope this is useful; stay tuned for the next installment and if there is something you would really like us to cover do not hesitate to ask.


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