Change Guardian 4.2 has been released!


NetIQ is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of Change Guardian 4.2 to all customers worldwide. Change Guardian makes it easy to monitor access to sensitive data and identify unwanted activity including how sensitive data was changed, and presents all the contextual information an analyst needs to make a decision about what to do in a highly summarized view. This latest release extends the capabilities of Change Guardian by adding deeper Microsoft Windows and Active Directory integration, the ability to automatically generate alerts when policies are violated, and by integrating your personnel information from Active Directory directly into the Change Guardian view.

New in Change Guardian 4.2

    • Detailed Policy Enforcement for Microsoft DNS and Local Windows Users and Groups: This capability builds on top of our existing Windows and Active Directory policy support by adding pre-defined policy templates for monitoring DNS and local users and groups.


    • Active Directory Accounts Configuration: Within the Change Guardian activity view you can see the full details of any user involved in any access or change—full name, phone number, department, even their picture—because this information is pulled directly from Active Directory and injected into the view.


    • Alert Generation Based on Policy Violations: Change Guardian now provides alerting, alert triaging, and alert visualization for policy violations.


    • Change Detail Now Available in Reporting: Now the details about before and after values detected by Change Guardian that you previously saw in the live views are also available in your reports.


    • Simplified Agent Management: You can now deploy Windows agents directly from the Change Guardian server to computers in your Active Directory domain.


    • FIPS Enablement and Security Improvements: Change Guardian can now be configured to support FIPS, and a number of security improvements and fixes have been incorporated into the release.

Change Guardian 4.2 helps our customers close security intelligence gaps to more quickly identify and disrupt threats before they cause damage—protecting your most sensitive information assets.

Helpful Resources

Change Guardian 4.2 resources will be available at the following locations after the release is generally available.



    • Patches for an existing Change Guardian appliance: Use the appliance update process.




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