Change Guardian 6.2 has been released


General Availability: CyberRes NetIQ Change Guardian 6.2

Features and Benefits:

NetIQ Change Guardian helps customers monitor critical files, systems, and applications in real-time across hybrid environments to detect unauthorized privileged activity. Key highlights in this release include added risk scoring capability based on CIS standards. The release also includes improved capabilities to centrally manage group policies, centrally manage agents, and the ability to centralize module license management.

Version 6.2 updates include:

Compliance Risk Scoring 

  • Added capability to identify the risk associated with configuration change
  • Quickly identify changes that drift away the environment using a centralized console
  • Reporting capability for auditing

Centralized Policy Management  

  • Assign policy and policy sets to agents and agent groups
  • Assign compliance-based policy to agents to more quickly identify configuration changes
  • Visualize the policies assigned to agents or agents groups from a central location for auditing purpose

Centralized Agent Management  

  • Manage agents, agent groups and health notifications from a central location

Centralized License Management for Modules  

  • Manage module licenses centrally
  • Quickly identify what is about to expire and what is expired
  • Quickly request license renewal


About NetIQ

NetIQ provides security solutions that help organizations with workforce and consumer identity and access management at enterprise-scale. By providing secure access, effective governance, scalable automation, and actionable insight, NetIQ customers can achieve greater confidence in their IT security posture across cloud, mobile, and data platforms.


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