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DRA Server Throwing Error: Administration server cannot identify your user account

I'm running DRA as a single primary server and have brought in a separate new DRA 10 instance that's currently undergoing UAT. All of a sudden though our 9.1 instance is not allowing users to logon and throwing this message when they attempt to access via the ARM or DRA console:

  • The vmsysdra Administration server cannot identify your user account. try connecting to a different Administration server. if you continue to experience this issue contact you Administrator to synchronize Administration servers and refresh the accounts cache.

The only thing that resolves this is doing the following:

  1. Stop all DRA services
  2. Delete the DRA cache files
  3. Delete the DRA DOM Files

On restart this triggers and accounts refresh and then I have access for a short period but when the accounts refresh is complete I'm back to the issue!