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Allow Web Interface to display an attribute in more than one page

Using DRA 10.1 Path 3. In previous versions of  the DRA web interface you could add an attribute to multiple pages. this was useful when you wished to have an attribute displayed as read-only on one page (grouping it with other related attributes) and write-enabled on another. This appears to have been removed and now if you try and add an attribute that's already on one page to another the following message is raised

Can this capability be restored? 

  • We allow an attribute to be added only once(field) for the entire property page. We have this limitation, as there are technical challenges when these fields are referred to in change handler scripts.

  • Suggested Answer

    While you may not be able to add the same attribute on two different pages of a single form, you can use custom handlers to set the value of one attribute based on another. You could use a Virtual attribute, or any other unused AD attribute. You can also configure a field to be local to the form, and not submitted as a part of the request. This might allow you to still view the attribute value on a different page.

  • So a field local to a from  would still need to reference a ADDS/VA ?