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How to call the Rest API dra/assistantadmins/get

We are using DRA 10.2 and trying to get the list of AssiatantAdmins in our setup via the API endpoint dra/assistantadmins/get. We use the REST API endpoints for various custom reports.  Calling this API returns with success and HTTP 200 but the object count is always 0. Is there an example available of how to call this API? perhaps I need something in the payload (some query options etc.) ?

Note: I have full access as a member of the DRA Admins group. 


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  • Which log file is that? I was trying to do the same but I could not find a log that showed me the call! 

  • Hi, can you indicate how to get this information fromthe logs/what log to use? 

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    Hi Shocko,

    The Web Console Network logs are the logs that can be seen when the following is selected:

    Firefox browser > Tools > Browser Tools > Web Developer Tools - the network tab will display all requests and responses and the URL and REST payload can be copied and used for REST requests (the token portion isn't required and can be omitted)

    Edge browser > right click on the page and select Inspect > Click on the double arrows (>>) to the right of Elements and select Network

    The Assistant Admin URL and Payload won't be displayed in the DRA Web Console by default, the steps below allowed me to see the Payload for Assistant Admins:

    1.) Create a Workflow Automation server in the Delegation and Configuration Console. I created a new WFA server that was invalid and accepted the warning message that the WFA server could not be contacted. This step is necessary so that a "Requests" page is rendered in the DRA Web Console > Administration > Customization (screenshot below):

    2.) Click on "Create" and then select the "Assistant Admin Groups":

    3.) Click on the "+ADD" link:

    4.) Enable the browser's Network option (in my case I'm using Firefox):

    5.) Click on the Search button:

    6.) Click on the HTTP POST that was generated, the Headers tab will display the Endpoint

    7.) Click on the Request tab, this is the Payload that was used to request the Admin Assistant Groups:

    8.) Right click on the Request and select Copy All to copy the Payload:

    9.) Paste the copied Payload into a text editor or SOAP/REST tool, the "Token" section highlighted in red is not required and can be removed:

    "assistantAdminAndFilter": {
    "hidden": "0",
    "type": "AssistantAdmin"
    "assistantAdminOrFilter": [
    "nameValue": "*"
    "attributes": [
    "enumerationOptions": {
    "includeChildContainers": true,
    "isSecurityEnum": true,
    "objectsPerResponse": 1000
    "token": "TL3fB9NBow-20meZyIfiC7sD1XZ-QtrVRexDZ4p7cwMUM_asqnENdiU09pCQ69IRqiKKfwpoFHhVQr28YTCs8ht2GBap__LgRGqdkjARYeg0oX1OMokvH2ZKibKHrJh163LZJ0DpDOP7Gt-FWRWTtkqpcRsX0XNVRIp2TTCjJV6NPQ5Ze-SNvzCGIXfW3v_C_odd8wUcDxirghB3A1YoJPcuENKq2o1nESmDaFON1Qw1n4U_-fAQwpeognm3TPCWb0eR-f6u8m7q_Fq9Iq2iCMG2BGQMs_VE71Pc6NV4vdQ1"