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Active View Assignment Details

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Needs Clarification

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An Active View should identify what, if/any other active views are using it. (I.e. nesting)


I have an Active View called _All Groups-All Domains.
I have an Active View called _All Users-Production Only
I have an Active View called _All Shared Mailboxes

Each of the active views above have every appropriate OU location for that target object type -- in it's rule set. So for All Groups-All Domains Active View, I have specifically added each and every Security Group OU for every domain. The same for the other 'I call' global Active views.

Then let's take our Account Management and Operational Support Teams. Both teams have a unique set of permissions and roles assigned to them. Both however, have full group management rights to all security groups in all domains. So I nest the All Groups-All Domains Active View into their unique team based Active Views.

This works great, has significantly sped up the search and response times across the board and has made the admins very happy.

Problem is, let's say I want to clean up or restructure the model for some reason. Currently I have to open all 36 of our Active Views to determine whether or not they are referencing the Global Active Views I've discussed above. What we need is the ability to get into the properties of the global active views -- and click on the assignments tab (or similar) and see which other active views are nesting it.

If I wanted to create a new All Groups-Domains-DifferentVersion Active view today, that was intended to replace the All Groups-All Domains AV above, I would have to dig into every AV to determine whether the original AV was being used there or not.