Idea ID: 2790243

Better Searching in DRA

Status: Delivered
The DRA Web Console (and even the DRA Windows console) could use a better search mechanism. The new web console can only search on five attributes and it can only search on one attribute at a time.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to find someone in Outlook or any object in Active Directory Users and Computers? You can search for first name, last name, display name, object name, email address and more just by typing what you are looking for in the search box. There is no need to decide what property you are searching for. It works great for 95% or more of what people are looking for and if you want a more targeted search you can do that as well.

I find myself constantly switching between name and display name searches in DRA (and wishing that the mail attribute was also an option). It frequently takes a few failed searches before I realize that I need to change my search filter.

Why not make DRA more user friendly by adding something like the Ambiguous name resolution search that Active Directory has? It's what makes Outlook, OWA and Microsoft's AD admin tools so easy to use when it comes to searching for things.