Idea ID: 2876911

DRA Config files need to be consolidated and configurations made easier to update.

Status: Under Consideration

There are several files that have to be updated just for O365 communications alone. It used to be only the SessionConfig-Custom.xml. But now it seems we are reading from several different places. Then there are other config files for other item configurations. In total there area bout 10 config files per DRA server. With an MMS of about 36 servers that is 360 config files that we have to ensure are maintained and synched across the MMS. Additionally during version upgrades and/or Service Pack installs some or all of these files get overwritten and revert to their original configurations.

Here is the list of files that appear to all need to be updated:

O365 Communications:
E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\msgraph.config
E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\x64\DRACacheLoader.exe.config
E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\x64\msgraph.config
E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\x64\Office365\SessionConfig.xml ??? Appears DRA is not reading <connect-exchangeonline-parameters> from custom only from stock.
E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\x64\Office365\SessionConfig-Custom.xml
?? E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\x64\DRACacheLoader_SQL.exe.config - Any changes need here? It has AzureADServiceHost and Azure AD Access Control Service endpoint

E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\x64\Office365\LicenseMap-Custom.xml


E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\CacheService\CacheServiceConfiguration.txt - reverts to default rather than customized log path
E:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\DRA\NetIQ.DRA.RestService.exe.config - to update the Traces.svclog path to match the Rest Service updated path rather than svc account profile

Web Console:

  • Hi Scott, 

    Thank you for putting forward the challenge faced by you. It is apparent that this is also being shared by a few other customers as well. We will look into ways to tackle this. Please allow us and our engineering team some time to further study this and get back to you.

    PM (DRA).