Idea ID: 2790913

DRA PowerShell should mimic native AD poweshell

Status: Accepted
the DRA PowerShell cmdlets should mimic AD powershell in usage and return. The Identifier should allow ALL of the same value types as the native AD cmdlets, and should be called Identity rather than Identifier. When you execute Find-DRA... cmdlets they should return a subset of the object properties rather than a set of items that has to be parsed through, even if there is a single results. These cmdlets should also be able to be piped to additional cmdlets to actually work with the objects that are found. They should mimic the ability in native AD cmdlets to specify the DC/Server that will run the operation by using a single -Server parameter to specify a single DRA REST/Host server using default ports rather than using full syntax of DRARESTServer and DRAHostServer and ports.