Idea ID: 2876660

DRA should have an operation to License/Un-license Tenant users without requiring an AD group

Status: Waiting for Votes

DRA should provide operations for licensing/un-licensing users without requiring an AD group. In some environments multiple tools administer accounts. This can result in licensed users not being members of the license group. In these cases when DRA needs to remove licenses the user must be added then removed from the license group causing additional license processes to run to add then remove along with any triggers that may be associated with the GroupMemberAdd and GroupMemberRemove operations. Conversely the same for users that may have had their license removed using another process will therefore remain in the group. When the case arises that the user needs to be re-licensed and DRA is again used to manage the account, they then have to be removed and re-added using DRA.

Additionally if all users are using the same license policy this can result in huge number of members in AD group. In a known customer case this can be tens or hundreds of thousands of users being added to the same single AD group. This can cause management delays, and processing delays when trying to process the group membership for any other operations.