Idea ID: 2875693

DRA Web Client should not perform an search on Initial load

Status: Accepted

In large customer environments that include Azure there can be quite a large number of objects. By default when the DRA Web Client is first loaded it searches and displays from the All Managed Objects node. This includes Tenant(s) and all Domain(s) objects in the initial search causing a considerable delay when a user is logging into the product for the first time. The Web Client should not perform any search on first load. That way a user can either click the search button knowing they have selected All Managed Objects (and maybe adding a warning that this can take longer since it hits Tenant(s) and Domain(s)) or gives them a chance to prune down the initial search. Not only giving them a more useful search but also giving them a better perception of the performance of the product.

  • Hi Scott, 

    Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We have already looked into this and are working on this right now. We have made this a part of our roadmap, and with a future DRA release you should notice some positive changes regarding this.

    We will keep you updated on the same.

    PM (DRA).