Idea ID: 2878635

Please include Transform Account Feature that exists in Win32 client to be incorporated in the WebUI/Client

Status: Archived

In our environment we depend on using the transform account feature daily as it is key function in how we use DRA to provision access to our users. With eventually the win32 client being deprecated in future releases of DRA, we will need this function in the Web UI/Client or else we would need to consider looking at alternative tools to OpenText and DRA.

  • Hi Tim, 

    Thank you for pointing this out. 

    We would like to inform you that currently we do not have any plans of deprecating the Win32 Client. If and when we do intend on doing so, we will ensure that the loss of functionalities is minimal or none, and we keep our users updated of the same as well. You can continue to use the current functionalities per usual. Please feel free to reach out to us, create a new Idea/ Discussion if you have any more suggestions. Thanks again.

    PM (DRA).