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Constructing Tree Nodes

I just installed a new server (2012 DataCenter) and installed the
latest version of Net IQ GPA server and management console. I have
upgraded to SP2 and installed the 7015188 hotfix.

I can click on "Repository” and see my DBserver. If I click on "GPOs
Pending approval" or “GPOs Pending Export” I see a message stating
"Constructing Tree Nodes". This can last 10 or 15 mins.

When I click on my domain name under “GP Repository” I just get an
hourglass and a “Not Responding” message. Likewise, this takes 10 or 15
minutes to resolve.

I'm not generating any events in the event log of either the GPA server
or the Database server.

Has anyone seen this behavior before?

And if so, how do I go about fixing it?



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