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GPO Search returns no results

I have the GPA trial version and am testing for use with my company. I
have installed and configured everything with GPA and it looks like
everything is working. But the main function we want GPA for is the
ability to search GPOs for specific settings. Finding redundant settings
in GPOs will help us to slim down and consolidate all the GPOs we are

When I try to search GPOs for a "Device" setting as Enabled or Disabled
I get a return of 0 results. But I know I have at least 3 GPOs with
Device settings configured in the GPOs. Am I doing something wrong? I
could use some assistance.

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  • I relayed your question to one of our technical support people and he
    advises that you should either contact technical support directly, or
    that you should go through your NetIQ sales contact. Based on what you
    wrote he believes that you do not have a complete understanding of how
    the search works. Either someone in tech support or in sales would be
    happy to help you with this.


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  • Do you have your domains added, GPO's imported, and both AD/Repository

    If not, you may want to do all of that and try again.

    Just recently set mine up and search works just fine as long as the
    domain/Repository is indexed.

    From the documentation:

    *Configuring Domain Indexing#*
    You can configure default indexing settings for the domains you want GPA
    to include when you search for GPOs. These settings can be changed later
    when you are searching for GPOs or creating reports.

    To configure domain indexing:
    In the left pane of the GPA Console, expand GP Analysis and click

    Click Action > Configure Domain Index.

    Select or clear the check boxes for each AD domain or GP Repository you
    want to include or exclude for indexing.

    If you want to change the preferred domain controller, click on the
    domain controller in the Preferred DC column and type the name of the DC
    you want GPA to use to collect GPO data for the AD domain on that row.

    If you want to add unmanaged domains, click Get Unmanaged Domains and
    select additional trusted AD domains to include in your searches.

    Click OK.

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