Now Available: Group Policy Administrator 6.9


Group Policy Administrator (GPA) provides an offline environment for secure Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) lifecycle change configuration and management.  GPA offers proven capabilities and new features of this release to help you increase organizational and system security in accordance with compliance requirements, industry standards, corporate policy, and other important systems settings.  You receive full certainty that GPOs will perform as expected by using GPA to securely create, check-in, modify, test, roll-back, and approve GPOs in the secure GP repository before checking GPOs out for promotion to the production Active Directory environment.

GPA release version 6.9 provides new and enhanced features to further simplify and expand policy management:

    1. Expanded WMI Filter management including the ability to create, import and modify, approve, and export filters from the GP Repository to Active Directory, with version control and new difference/compare reports


    1. Additional control over GPO Link Order including ability to change order without checking out GPOs, moving multiple link order changes in a single action, and notification when more than one admin is modifying the same link order


    1. Additional Merge Facility granularity to allow admins to resolve merge conflicts by merging individual settings from both GPOs including the lowest level of settings within a policy, and added support for name resolution policy settings.  GPA 6.9 also includes a GPO comparison report control that more effectively displays settings.


    1. Adaptation of Directory & Resource Administrator delegation options to improve user permissions definition and management, and to improve GPR Wizard usability


    1. Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows SQL 2016 support

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