Video: NetIQ Universal Policy Administrator (UPA)


NetIQ Universal Policy Administrator (UPA) provides a way to implement a centralized policy and change management across the entire enterprise. UPA takes all of the different policies that exist in your enterprise and centralizes the management of those policies so that you can not only configure them from a central location, but be able to report on them to change management, assign roles, and be able to then deploy those policies back to its native format for deployment; and then track the compliance and remediation of those policies. UPA provides the ability to unify all of the policy silos in your enterprise into a single pane of glass and centralize the policy management and provide change management across all of the policy silos in your enterprise.

NetIQ Identity and Access Management provides comprehensive workforce and customer identity solutions to enterprise scale organizations – leveraging Identity to provide secure access, effective governance, scalable automation, actionable analysis and insight across their Cloud, Mobile, & Data platforms.

NetIQ is part of CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business.


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